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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

During this season of gratitude, I an urged to write about the importance of showing thanks and gratefulness to the people who have supported you along the way, even when they didn't have to.

You see, in this society, we have been trained to emphasize the bad instead of celebrate the good. We focus on everything we don't have instead of on the many people and things we have been blessed with.

Though this should be something we do regularly - once a week, once a month, maybe more regularly - and we really should rely on a national holiday to give thanks, better now than never.

ATTENTION PLEASE: For the rest of 2016, I encourage you to get up every morning, allowing yourself a few mins to breathe and reflect on the positive things in your life. Write down 3 things you can do for someone else that same day to show how thankful you are for them and what they've done for you.

All success is never achieved alone. So don't forget: gratitude is the attitude!

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