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What Resilientsee Coaching Has to Offer

Know someone who is struggling to keep her head above water? Care about someone who is not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? "He is just not snapping out of it." Resilientsee is here to help. Working with Lucy allows one to recognize and utilize life skills in transferable situations. Lucy also focuses on helping clients find and pursue their passion(s) at a healthy pace, in a safe space. Additionally, she participate in community service opportunities with clients to share the notion of giving back even when we might feel like we have nothing to give at all.


Working from Home

1:1 Coaching

 goal-setting and

accountability partner

Audience and Lecturer



topics on avoiding burnout, identifying transferable skills, finding your passion, and more

Go Team

Group Coaching

curated for team building and strengthening leadership 

Pillars of Success

Below are the pillars to success which Lucy uses to support clients through their journey of finding one's identity and calling. Are you ready for the best journey of your life?

Life skills

From opening up your first bank account to managing your own schedule for the first time, these basic life skills are necessary for any person to succeed. Resilientsee Coaching provides resources, opportunities, and accountability for every client to gain these skills and excel.


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far,

go together."

Resilientsee Coaching takes pride in the vast network of mentors and mentees connected through similar life challenges and opportunities to support one another.

Transferable skills

Once every person has built a foundation of basic life skills, Resilientsee Coaching continues to support clients in identifying and applying all transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and attention to detail to other areas of life.

Community Service

Giving back is a key part of every successful person. Whether you give back through your time or money, the act of contributing to the success of someone or something else is something Resilientsee Coaching preaches. Plus, it just feels good, so why not?

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