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NFL & UCLA Offensive Lineman


Working with Coach Lucy has allowed me to develop a stronger sense of purpose. When we first met at UCLA, she asked me what I wanted to do outside of football. Since then, she has helped me work on achieving those goals on my own terms, while I pursue a professional career in football. Lucy is dedicated, hard-working, and truly cares about my overall success and well-being. I highly recommend Coach Lucy to anyone pursuing a well-balanced & meaningful life outside of sports.


Assistant Athletic Director

Bishop O'Dowd High School

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Lucy collaborated with us and led a perfectly timed workshop on "Avoiding Burnout" for both our student-athletes and coaches. Several student-athletes expressed how helpful it was for them to practice using the gas light analogy so that they recognize when they are running on nearly empty. Coaches shared that it was a good reminder about their own well-being and how reflects on the way their student-athletes see them. Lucy was engaging through the screen and kept the participants' attention despite it being the end of the day!


NFL & UCLA Safety

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To anybody looking for career advice outside of your respective sport or just support in general, I highly recommend Coach Lucy. She is very authentic and encouraging. She has pushed me to be serious and proactive about my life after football. Lucy is passionate about what she does and consistently pushes me past my own personal limitations by challenging me to focus on my transferable skills. Not only is she a great accountability partner, she is also a great person who inspires me.


UCLA Track & Field


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I was introduced to Lucy by an advisor because I was looking for a mentor who can help me with my search for post-graduation employment. Since then, Lucy has helped me with the interview process, critiqued my resume and updated me on jobs that I might be interested in. I see results directly related to what Lucy and I have been working on, like having multiple interviews and job offers every week. As a student-athlete, I really appreciate working with someone who understands my priorities and continuously helps me find a balance to succeed in every aspect. Lucy always encouraging and supportive, which I really appreciate.


UCLA Class of 2017

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Working with Lucy has been extremely fruitful. We have discussed many topics including my transition from school to the work force, etiquette in a job interview process and how to process challenges as they come my way. I have a better understanding of how to highlight my accomplishments and support the growth of those around me. Lucy has been my most active and encouraging professional mentor and I look forward to continuing our work together.


Co-Founder, Apply Studios

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Lucy's ability to guide a person towards self-actualization is one of the key reasons why I choose to work with her.  From helping me articulate the root of the problem to supporting me through the process of setting up feasible goals, Lucy pushes me to reach beyond my limits. I have transformed and grown so much during my time with her and look forward to more. Lucy has been a tremendous force in my transition from a college athlete to a social impact entrepreneur.


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I worked with Lucy for about a year. My goal was to increase my writing production. It proved to be a worthwhile investment. My production did increase and I finally had the output I’d been seeking. Our arrangement was a phone call a week. When I needed to change that to three instead of four sessions per month there was no haggling. The change was written into the next contract or agreement without hassle.  If I needed a change in day or time for our call, that too was met with a courteous response and worked out without a problem. Lucy was true to the approach she told me she would take in our first, exploratory meeting. She said she worked towards the client’s goals, not her own. This is big. Some coaches want you to want what they want or what they think is best for you. Lucy listens and supports you in reaching the goals you want. I recommend her highly.

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