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Quarter Century

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I made it, mom. You did a fine job of raising me these past 24 years. I miss you every day and am grateful to have you with me in spirit. You are the reason I am who am I today, and though I may not be a Fortune 500 CEO or the president of the United States, but you should know that I am proud to be me, which is much more than many other 25-year-olds can say about themselves. Thank you for all you've sacrificed for Luca and me. We love you!


Two-five. The big 2-5. Every day I scroll down my social media streams, all I see is someone killing someone, someone getting in a car wreck, someone robbing someone, someone overdosing on something they shouldn't be using, then once in a while something nice but really not that amazing enough to cancel all the other bad stuff out.

It's been a while since I've blogged. Since then, I started a new job at UCLA, made new friends/co-workers and found a place called home for the time being. I love being back in Westwood. I love representing UCLA and telling anyone and everyone that I am a proud Bruin. I've rekindled friendships and professional relationships. I've made connections with new folks and reconnected with oldies but goodies.

Every now and then, I sit back and think, "Damn, life could be a whole lot better... but it can also be a whole lot worse, Lucy." When things get hectic, it's always a good strategy to pause for a moment and give gratitude.

Keeping it short today. Happy birthday to me!

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce

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